Candy Paint Could Be The Perfect Way To Customize Your Vehicle

imagesCandy paint is a popular customization option among drivers who want to tailor their vehicles to better suit their own personalities and lifestyles. While you might love the car you drive, you may not be entirely satisfied with its factory-styled finish. Most auto manufacturers are only offering car buyers a very limited range of color options. Thus, no matter what make or model you invest in, you will usually be required to commit to a very basic car color. Candy paint changes that.

Capture Attention Wherever You Go

Not only does candy paint veer away from the traditional color pallet, but it also provides a very sleek and shiny look. This coordinates well with chrome embellishments and accessories. Thus, if you really want to make a custom hood ornament pop, this is the best way to do it. To get a seamless look, you can also add custom, chrome trim to your doors, mirrors and windows by purchasing a chrome trim kit. Candy paint will give you access to colors like lime green, sherbet orange, magenta, hot pink, electric blue and purple among many others. If you like to capture attention and cause people to stare when driving by, getting the right color for your car is essential.

Choosing The Right Lights To Showcase Your Selection In Candy Paint

The best way to compliment an application of candy paint is by investing in a custom lighting accessory kit. Whether driving during the day or at night, you can be sure that your headlamps and taillights are casting the right glow. As with candy paint, custom hood ornaments, lighting kits and other vehicle embellishments will have to come from aftermarket sellers. These are the companies that provide consumers with the customization options that automakers do not. While automakers are concerned with keeping their brands recognizable, aftermarket sellers make it their goal to provide consumers with access to unique products like candy paint, which allow for the ultimate level of vehicle customization.


Chameleon Paint

imagesWho hasn’t seen the cars coming down that street? The ones that shimmer in the light, the colors shifting seductively beneath the radiant beams of the sun. These cars are the possesors of a special paint known as chamemleon paint. Chameleon car paint is a type of paint used to create the visual experience of the car changing colors, like a chameleon, when viewed from various angles and in various types of light. It is an eye catching and entrancing paint job, designed to catch the light and accentuate the lines of the car. It is a paint job, however, that is not necessarily for everyone. Here are a few of the pros and cons of a chameleon paint job.

First and foremost, chameleon paint adds a look that is not only eye catching, but totally unique to your car. Since no one ever sees the same colors, your paint job is one of a kind, all the time. This gives your car a new look everytime it is seen, even by you, and gives it an individuality that will most certainly make it stand out in a crowd. In addition, a chameleon paint job can help add value to your car. As most jobs are done in a professional shop and undergo several protective layers, the quality of the paint is usually top notch. Plus, the eye catching and unique quality of the car will make some potential purchasers more interested in the car, as it will draw attention to itself and away from other cars. Not to mention any potential buyer will not have to make the investment themselves and that can be a big draw for someone looking to buy a one of a kind car.

On the other hand, there are drawbacks to chameleon paint as well. For one, it can be extremely expensive, depending on the paint shop and type of paint used of course. Chameleon paint usually can run from about $250-$600 a pint, depending on the paint, the amount of color changes, and the required top coats involved. That’s just the paint remember, that doesn’t include the paint shop’s labor charges or the cost of the top coats. Also, it’s important to remember that there are no guarantees as to what or how many colors will come out of chameleon paint. You may want only a few color changes, or a multitude, but what comes out may be not quite what you expected.

Chameleon paint is a great way to make your car stand out in a crowd. The shifting colors ensure that under any light and from any angle your car looks like it has a new paint job every time you see it.

How to Get a Good Chameleon Paint for Your Car

2Your car is your baby. It is indeed a very important possession that one could always have. With a good car, it is usually a source of prestige to anyone. It eases the mobility of a person and also does the best to represent him. Simply said, a car says a lot about its owner. Therefore, this article explains a couple of key details that you should look at when it comes to getting a good chameleon paint for your car.

What is chameleonpaint?

Chances are that you have a basic idea of what chameleon paint is going by the name. You know very well that a chameleon is an animal that changes color depending on the surrounding. With this understanding, then you could be guessing that a chameleon paint on a car is that which changes color depending on the surrounding. As a result of technology, it is now possible to get a car that changes color.

Make up your mind

The first thing that you should do when getting a chameleon paint for your car is that of making up your mind. It is indeed a very important thing as it will not only cost you money, but it will also have challenges. You should think of the reasons why you badly need chameleon paint on your car. You should also think of the reason why you need the chameleon paint for your car. Therefore, it is  very important to think more about it.

Get a good company

The next thing that you should now do is marketing. You should do the best to get a good company. This should be a good company that has the experience of painting colors. The  auto paint shop should have the experience that is required.

Why You Should Get a Custom Paint for Your Car

1Owning a car is one of the most important things in life.  This is so to both men and women. Their interest in the auto world can in fact not be compared to anything else today. Therefore, the car paint that has been applied to the car is very important. Actually, you need to note that brand new cars of the same model but of different colors usually retail at different prices. Therefore, this article explains a couple of key details on why you should get a good custom paint for your car.

To look unique

The first main reason why you would want a custom paint for your car is that of uniqueness. Chances are that when you buy a car is that you will get one that has one of the main colors. These colors could be red, green, blue and black. However, it could be possible that your interest is a combination of many colors. Car sellers are not able to make these colors at the manufacturing stage. Therefore, the solution is that you should get a car that is in the main colors and then paint a custom paint. This will make you unique from other types of cars. In fact, it is a very important thing that you should always have in mind. You don’t want to always have a car that is very similar to that of another person.

To satisfy your need

The next main reason why you should get a custom paint for your vehicle is to satisfy your need. Could be you could have had a dream owning a chameleon paint cars which changes color. You will not find such a car in the market. However, you can decide to create one instead.

Car Paint Helping You Out Remarkably

SuniThere are many people who want to make the most out of their car paint, but they do not know where to turn to. Sometimes, it is quite expensive to proceed with paint right from scratch and therefore it is not so frequent for drivers to ask for such a radical change. However, if you get to use the ideal weapons placed in your arsenal, you can often exceed your expectations and benefit a great deal from the use of the most amazing colour effects. So, it makes total sense why you should try out different effects to coat your car and gather all the attention without fail.

To be more specific, there is a plethora of wonderful effects that you can get towards making your car uniquely astonishing. For instance, you can choose to go for chameleon paint and get to enjoy the changing of the colours without the need to spend a small fortune in return. Along with the chameleon paint, there is also the option of getting candy paint or even pearl paint. These are both extremely beautiful colouring effects and they can be used on top of the basic coat of the car. In addition, there is the effect of metal flakes and therefore you ought to weigh your options prudently and decide as to the optimal outcome for you to enjoy. Fortunately enough, you can test these types of painting effects prior to your use and consequently you can get the right kind of effect that suits your style and your own car.

From all the things that have been highlighted above, you can see why it is of such great importance for every driver to get his hands on the most suitable paint and the most wonderful painting effects that can change his car’s looks.

Learning More on Pearl Paint

SuniHave you been troubling yourself as to how you can get the optimal outcome on your car, with the use of your own skills and strengths? Well, you should sigh with relief and read all about how you can customize your car’s paint in a few simple steps. The whole process is so easy and effective that it can be used without the contribution of a professional. So, feel free to experiment with the options that you can get in the field of car paint and especially with the use of pearl paint. This is going to amaze you and offer you the chance to truly stand out among the crowd.

Pearl paint is a type of additional paint that you can use, in order to get the effect of pearls throughout your vehicle. No matter if you have chosen a classic or a more eccentric basic paint for your car, this effect is bound to make it stand out and appear dazzling and full of glow! The effects will give you the impression of the changing of colours, even though this is the same car and this is the same paint that you have used in the past. Of course, the basis will still be reflected, but in the perfect manner possible! There will be an effect that allows your car to shine and appear like you have just bought it from the car company. As you can imagine, this will draw all the attention to your car and everyone will try to figure out how you have accomplished such a unique colour effect.

To sum up, it takes much more than wishful thinking for you to indulge in the best outcome for your car’s paint. So, try out the pearl paint and experiment, till you get the best effects.

Awesome Chameleon Paint for your Car


If you have been looking out for something unique that will capture the looks of everyone on the road, then chameleon paint is the perfect solution for you. No matter how much money you can spare on such a project, the final outcome will be amazing. Blend the chameleon paint and try it out on your car, in order to enjoy the most fabulous colours that you have ever imagined. There is a rich collection in colours combined ideally, so that you can have your pick. So, do not waste any more time and start searching for the perfect combo right away.

Depending on your style and your personal preferences, you can fully customize the colours that get combined for giving you the ideal colour effects that you have been longing for. Search online for gathering information as to how your car is going to look like in the end or try out the colour that you have ordered on the tester, provided to you. In this way, you will know exactly what to expect prior to applying the colour on the surface of your car. It goes without even questioning that you will be fascinated by the looks of your vehicle in the end. So, make sure that you follow the instructions carefully. Of course, you can always turn to the pros for assistance and have them paint your car for you. Either way, the car will turn out looking spectacular and glossy. Everyone will want to know how you have made such a superb difference from one day to the next.

Chameleon paint can work true wonders on your car or any other vehicle of yours. Just make sure that you choose the right kind of colour combination that appeals to you greatly and try it out!